Baby showers are more than just throwing a party and having fun with your friends. They're also about celebrating the coming of a new life and about helping the expectant mother start anew. So as fun as the baby shower can be, you must take the planning seriously and attend to every detail. So have you gone through the invitations? The following types of baby shower invitations should give you a good idea of what's in store for you:

Themed Baby Shower Invitation Cards

Cards are the most common choice of invitation for baby showers. You can choose among a variety of sizes, shapes and themes. You can either buy them from gifts shops and bookstores or create them on your computer and have them printed.

Message in a Bottle

Why go traditional when you can take the more creative route? Why not go fancy with invitations in a bottle. You can choose cute plastic baby bottles and put your message inside. You can also fill the bottle with colorful goodies to add more flair. This choice of invitation can be more expensive, though.

Candy Wrapper Announcements

You want to go sweet and fun with your invitations? You can do just that by choosing nifty candy wrapper announcements for your invitation. It works this way - you give away candy bars and surprise the guests with a message inside. Do make sure that they don't just throw away the wrapper. If you can't be around while they open the goodies, tell them outright that there's a message in it. You don't want your efforts to go to waste.

Cookie Invitations

Yet another creative and fun way to send out the message is by using fortune cookie invitations. Invite your friends over for dinner and surprise them with fortune cookies that contain the invitations. Your friends will appreciate your efforts and are likely to put much flair to their own creative baby shower gifts.

Refrigerator Invitation Magnets

Another type of baby shower invitation your friends will surely appreciate is the refrigerator invitation magnet. You can stick the date of the party on the magnets so your friends are sure not to miss out on it. And it will help them buy time to shop for creative baby shower gifts, too.

Your Baby Shower Party Preparations

Of course, you should not consume all your energy on the invitations. The party is still the center of all your efforts (and the creative baby shower gifts!). Before you even get started with your invitations, make sure that you already have a motif or theme in place. This will make the decision-making process a lot easier. More so, try and find out if the parents-to-be are already aware of the baby's gender. This is yet another factor that will narrow down your options and make choosing easier.

Aside from the gender of the baby, you must also take into account the parents' personality when choosing colors and themes. Keep in mind that they are the ones who will be dealing with the influx of creative baby shower gifts. And the theme of the party will pretty much influence the type of creative baby shower gifts your guests will choose.

Above all, make sure you have fun with the baby shower. It's a party, after all!