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Baby Poems
Lucie Battaini
By Lucie Battaini
Published on March 18, 2008
Below you will find poems all suitable for Baby Scrapbooking.

1. Then you rose into my life like a promised sunrise.
    Brightening my days with the light in your eyes.
    I've never been so strong. Now I'm where I belong.

2. 10 Little Fingers
    10 Little Toes
     2 Little Eyes
     & 1 Little Nose
     Put Them All Together
     And What Have You Got?
     You've got Me
     And That's A Lot

3. A prayer for my children . . .

Peace and joy are what I pray for ..
Residing deep within you ~
A heart that overflows
That is abundant in it’s giving
And vivacious in it’s living
I pray your hands are always willing
To reach beyond yourself and share
Feet that are always able
To walk a mile in someone else’s shoes
May you have eyes that see the world
With hope and great compassion
Ears that hear His voice and a tongue that
speaks words of encouragement and love
To all those He sets before you…
I pray you have a spirit that cannot be quenched
character that is irreproachable
And love that is imbedded so deeply
In your heart that forgiveness is a habit,
And gentleness is what you are known by
May you forever be resolute in your faith
For with that you will surely have the
peace that passes all understanding
that you can only draw from Him~
And that my child
is Everything.

Authored By Lesleh Heim

4. Ten fingers and toes,
    curious eyes,
    gurgling mouth,
    gentle soul...
    a miracle in our midst