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Baby Page Titles
Lucie Battaini
By Lucie Battaini
Published on March 19, 2008
Page titles for Baby Scrapbooking

1. Look what the stork brought!

2. Look what we found in the cabbage patch.

3. Look what heaven sent.

4. Welcome Little One.

5. It's a Boy

6. It's a Girl

7. I've finally arrived

8. I made where's the food?

9. Presenting the newest member of our family.

10. My heart belongs to daddy.

11. Daddy's little princess.

12. Daddy's girl.

13. Daddy's little buddy.

14. Daddy's new best buddy.

15. Mama's boy.

16. Mum's new shopping partner.

17. A baby's love is the best of all.