There are many different ways of producing a family history project. You can use your traditional albums with sizes ranging from 12 x12, 8 x 8, 6 x 6 and your A4 book size. What ever size you do choose, like always, make sure they are acid & lignin free, especially if you chose to use original photos in your work.

Genealogy scrapbooking doesn’t always mean family trees, old photos, and memorabilia. The great thing about this is you can turn your history into new and loved again pieces of art. Take for example some family recipes that have been handed down, or perhaps one you have been taught but the recipe is in your head and not on paper! You can make your very own Family Recipe Book! Gather recipes from grandmothers, mothers, aunt’s and yes if your uncle cooks ask him too! It would be a lovely keepsake to hand down generations of the family food traditions.

Some other great idea’s are Marriage & Anniversaries album, where you could have stories and images of a loved ones marriage and ways they celebrated anniversaries over the years. Things I Learnt from my _________”, it could be mother, grandmother or father, and you can do this on anyone, yourself included. You could talk about who taught your how to drive a car and include what type of car it was, sew, bake your first pie or just the important lessons your remember learning in life.

Family Holidays/Traditions are another great type of scrapbook you can do. If you know of a tradition in your family and where it came from, who started it and where, you can show pictures of the people who enjoyed it and write about the fun and laughter that was had.

The Military (War/Army, Navy, Air Force etc) is a special album that everyone and anyone would love to read. There are so many memories that have been lost through untold stories or simply cause nobody has ever asked. If you know a story of a loved one that served, or came home or sadly didn’t, dedicating and album to that persons life and what they did and their accomplishments would not only be rewarding but truly memorable for generations to come.

More idea for albums can be a tribute to a loved one, All About Me, Complete Family History, School Years, My memories of Grandma etc.

You can even make a page using a photo, a diary entry, or old shopping list, framing it and have it hang on your wall. A lovely memory for you and your family to see every day and enjoy. There really are no limits to what you can do in this area so be creative and enjoy every moment of it.