Finding information about your family history can be daunting, but by starting at places like your local library, courthouse, churches, Government History Societies, and the internet will give you the starting points you need.

There are many family history sites, but here is a list to get your started.

Ancestry (
BYU Family History Library (
Family Search (
Genealogy Database Network (
World Gen Web Project (
Surname Web (
The National Archives and Records Administration (

If you are searching for living relatives these may be of some help.

Switchboard: The People & Business Directory (
The Ultimate Directory (
The White Pages (

Finding information can be as simple as asking your family members of anything they know. Going through journals, old letters, notes even news paper articles. A great idea is to write down some questions and hold an interview with an older member of your family. Some interview questions may be:

Where were you born
Who are you parents
Where did you live
Do you have any brothers or sisters
Did you have any pets
Did you go to school
Where was your first job
How much did you get paid
How much was a loaf of bread when you were a boy/girl
What was your favourite food
Who taught you how to drive
When did you get married
Who was your best friend in school
What was our favourite lolly
What were some games you played as a child
Did you won a car and if so, what was it
Did you have favourite TV show

Think of questions you would like your children to remember. Don’t forget to include “feeling” questions such as how they felt when they met their future husband/wife and what they loved about that person. It all makes for a very unique and special keepsake that the family will treasure for years to come.