There are a few things that may come in handy when starting scrapbooking. Some may say that there is no such thing as what not to do’s, but we have come up with some that perhaps you might like to think about.

1. Firstly making sure your products such as papers, pens, glues and adhesives are all acid free, lignin free and photo safe. Acid cause’s paper and photos to disintegrate and photos to discolour more rapidly than they would naturally. Lignin is the natural bonding element which holds wood fibres together. Like acid, lignin can be removed from during processing to make scrapbooking safer. Be sure when buying your supplies that you look for products that are labelled acid free, lignin free and photo safe.

2. When using original photos that are not digital or have not been duplicated, it is a good idea to scan them or have someone scan them for you. In case of misplacing, fire or water damage, your precious original images could be lost so it is a good idea if you are using original old photos to have a back up of them and store them in a safe place.

3. A lot of people have conflicting opinions when it comes to journaling. Some believe that journaling is essential and others that it is not so important and that the photo says a thousand words. Let me ask you this, though you remember now what you said to whom, or how you felt when your baby walked for the first time, or even their first words, in 6 months, 5 years even 10 years will you remember those fine details then? Journaling
does not need to be a lot or on every single page, but some is required for those special moments.

There are ways around journaling on your page without seeing it, like having flaps that open or pocket like tags that can hold your journaling. Which ever way you decide to journal, make sure your have the important things down so when family see your albums in years to come, they will be able to read these wonderful feeling and experiences.

4. Cropping your photos is important when scrapbooking. People tend to be a little scared of cutting down images, but it is essential when trying to focus on the centre of attention. Things like a garbage can, a miscellaneous personal who has wandered in to the photo, or just trimming down the size of your photo will allow you to use more images on your page but effectively, focus on the main subject.

5. Redoing or taking apart pages can be a bad thing! I look back now on albums I have done that aren’t exactly up to scratch with where I am now, and think I could defiantly do that better or I could change that photo, or I don’t like my handwriting, but remember it's an original. In years to come you will look back and remember doing your first album, how ever imperfect it was, it was your first and seeing how far you have come will be very rewarding. There have been times when I have taken apart a page and wished I had left it as there was no better way of putting it! Not to mention the damage you can do to your images when trying to take apart a layout. So instead of going back and dismantling your work, let it be, you might just like it another day.