So you’ve decided to start scrapbooking, how you need to decide what your scrapbook is going to be about. First, dig out all your photos and decide on a theme, perhaps a baby album, or you might like to start with a wedding album. Whatever you chose to scrap about, make sure it’s something you enjoy and feel positive about, as then inspiration will flow a lot more easily. Here are a few options you can chose from to start you off with your first scrapbook album.

Baby Album - Baby albums are very popular to start with. You can start with your own, your children’s or perhaps your grandchildren’s photo’s. A few page ideas you can use for your baby album is a Title Page, Baby On The Way, The Ultrasound, Babies Bedroom, The Belly, Welcome Home Baby, The Family, Visitors At The Hospital, My First Ride Home, Brothers & Sisters, My Heritage, Babies First Bath, Babies First Solid’s, Babies First Tooth, just about every milestone you can think of that was precious to you.

Wedding Album - Wouldn’t it be lovely if you could produce an amazing wedding album for your children’s children to keep! Or perhaps you are the grandchild scrapbooking the old wedding photos! Some page idea’s for your wedding album could be Proposing, The Ring, Where we were married, The Dress, Bridesmaids, Our Cake, The Guests, The Big Day, The Honeymoon and The Reception. It’s a nice idea to jot down things like where you got your flowers from, who made your dress, the dramas of the day, little things that you want to remember.

School Years - Most people have school

photo’s they have kept over the years, awards they received, and projects they completed all of which would be great for scrap booking. Each page could represent a school year and you can include the memorabilia along with your images. For page headings you may use the year the photo was taken, what grade you were in, also add some journaling of friends you had, and the fun activities you did at school. Remember your five W’s, Who, What, When, Where & Why.

Family Holidays – Family holidays are great to scrap about. You may have family traditions of going camping, to the beach, the snow or overseas. There are so many creative ways to show your holidays and the fun that you had. Journaling is very important here, as what is a holiday without a story.

Anniversary – I love this idea. You can create your very own “Anniversaries” album what ever the anniversary may be! Friendship, wedding, how long you have lived in your house or your 10 year high school reunion. Over the years you can add to this album every anniversary and look back at what you did each year.

Family History – There is so much you can do for a family history album. Weather you just want to dabble in it a little or go the full hog, anything goes. You can start with your family tree and work up the line, include photos and memorabilia, letters, journal entries, and little things that the future generation may not know like your Grandmothers favourite recipe.

Some more scrap booking idea topics you might find interesting are:

* Sports you sed to play * Recipe Book, include family recipes handed down * Your Favourite Things * Personal Journal * Your Beliefs, religion and life experiences.