Paper Cutter – Paper cutters are a very handy tool to have, especially when you are tyring to cut 12x12 papers and getting your paper cut evenly certainly looks more professional. There are many brands, styles and prices for these, so it really is a personal preference as to which one you want to get.

Paper –You can never have too much paper. There are packs of papers you can buy in themes, such as baby, family, holidays. They are usually a good starting point as a lot of them can have some decoration and or come with embellishments.

Having a supply of cardstock is handy also. Cardstock apposed to paper is thicker and usually has a better quality about it. A good variety of colours will help you design that perfect layout.

Just be sure to check that the paper you are buying is acid and lignin free. You don’t want a paper that will eat at the back of your photos like the photo albums did back in the day!

Journaling Pen – Having a quality pen to write with is a good idea! There are pens out there in just about every colour you can think of including silver & gold. Pens that you can buy from an actual scrap booking shop will be specifically designed for journaling. So they will be designed not to run or fade after years. If that doesn’t interest you, there is always typing it up on the computer and printing it out! And no, you’re not cheating!

Album – An Album is a must have.
Again there are hundreds of types of albums. You can get leather bound, that can be quite expensive, your every day hard cardboard covered in a plastic to vinyl. Prices can range from $10 to $80 for albums so it will be personal choice as to what you want to spend.

As for the options of how an album holds your pages, that will again be your own personal choice. There are D Ring Folders that are becoming very popular as there is no difficult undoing of the album to insert extra pages. Some albums you may need a small screw driver to undo the screws and take out or add pages. There are also page extenders to make your albums wider when your album begins to get too large.

Photos – If you’re anything like me, all of my photos are on my computer. Chose the images that are clear and easy on the eye and have them printed. If you’re using photo’s that are old a good suggestion is to scan them and have them on a CD just in case any of them get damaged or lost for safe keeping.

Embellishments – You can purchase all kinds of things from everywhere for this. You might even find you already have some handy things lying about your house! Some great starters are buttons, ribbon, stickers, rub ons, chipboard and vellum.

Glue/Double sided tape – A must have for this hobby is craft glue. Most craft glues are acid free and are specifically used for paper crafts. I also find handy instead of using glue to stick my photos down, double sided tape. Just in case I want to remove the photo, it’s much easier than ripping and wrecking your page.