Finding your style is as simple as looking through albums and magazines, deciding what stands out to you and what you find appealing. You should look for things such as colour combinations, the way a photo is placed on a page also embellishments & techniques that may be used. Over time you may discover that you like to use numerous styles and even find that your style will change and that’s ok, the more styles the more fun!

The following is a list of styles you might like to start looking over to help make your starting point a little easier.

Minimalist – This style is on the basic side. Keeping it simple, not a lot of detail, using the basics like stickers a heading and minimal journaling. This style can look great when used with large block of colour.

Colour Blocking – Using blocks of colour to cover the majority of your page. This is a common style to use when you have numerous photos you would like to use on a page. To try this style simply lay your images out on the paper you are using and fit them all close together, journaling is also done in a block and placed along side your photos.

Mosaic – To create a mosaic look, you would use small coloured objects to create your picture or design. A lot like colour blocking, this will give the same effect though used with much smaller tiles.

Altered Art – Forms of media such as Photo Shop and Adobe are used for this style. Altering your images to add shading or designs to it represents altered
art. Included in this style are simple things like decorating a jar, recycling an old box, just about anything can be used. If you can glue it, stick it and put embellishments on it, it can be altered!

Shabby Chic/Vintage – Shabby Chick is a very popular style. It is defined by the roughly textured edges, washed out, worn down vintage look. A lot of white with pastel colours are used in this style. Think of floral prints, mixed patterns, like a patchwork quilt. Techniques used for this style are crumpling, tearing, distressing and even sanding.

Ephemera – This style consists of a very eclectic textured look, richly patterned papers and a lot of dark colours like your browns, copper, blacks and tans. Metal embellishments such as paper clips and brads are also used. This is a great style for heritage images or a masculine look. This is not so much a “cluttered” look but more a layered effect in style.

Retro – When you think of retro one might think of the early days when flower power was in, bright colours were everywhere and psychedelic patters were happening. This is where you get to use all of this and more! Colours such as brown and blue, red and pink, black and green are a funky combination. Think of embellishments such as flowers, spirals, large rounded bubble fonts, these are all a great effect to use when perusing a retro look.

Start by trying out a few of these styles and see what comes to you naturally and discover what you enjoy most. Remember there is no right or wrong way to scrapbook, it is your very own expression of yourself and how you want it to look and feel.