Each day of your child’s life, they usually do something special, funny or unique. All the things that happened on that special day, is left in a fog and you do not remember all the specifics. This is when you need to begin scrapbook journaling. By keeping a journal, you and your children will be able to look back on those special days and remember the wonderful times that were associated with a specific day.

Let's start with some basic journaling tips first, who, what, where, when, and why. Make sure to cover all the bases when journaling. Here are some journaling ideas to get you started with your scrapbook journal.

Maybe someone who was there wasn't included in the photos? Add them to your journaling. Make sure to add notes of how they made the day special. Senses are another good attribute to remember about the day by: What were the sounds of the events, What did you eat? Was it a warm summer night, or a cool winter day? What's the most exciting or funny thing that happened that day?

Another basic journaling idea is to begin a ABC journal in which you journal about your life in ABC form. Relate each letter of the alphabet to a certain time and date in your life your child’s life.

Prediction’s for a child's future is another unique idea that your child will love to cherish and look back on later in life. Some examples of predictions you can do are a letter written to your child on her birthday, the first day of school, middle school graduation, high school graduation, and wedding day. Then when she has her first child, give her all the letters. :-)

Let your children know what is happening in the world around you. What are the news topics? Write a letter explaining about your child's world including:

- Who the President it, what is the cost of gas, milk, and bread,
- Favorite movies
- Favorite television shows
- Favorite toy was at that time.

Add the newspaper to your album, but be sure to use archival mist so you preserve it. Also you can add things that your child and family liked to do such as pictures they loved to draw as a child; ex. rainbows, mountains, and a third cabin in the woods with trees surrounding it, and mom and dad’s own little habits they did daily with each child.

Do not stress over journaling. Take you time and ease into journaling. Just make sure to keep these tips handy while journaling:

- Keep your dictionary and Thesaurus handy (best part is you can look up both of these online or get both, put it out on your coffee table, along with magazines)
- Get yourself a hot drink and put on some soothing music.
- Grab a pen or two (do not overwhelm yourself with too much) and your scrapbook album
- Look through the magazines, dictionary, thesaurus, and even an album you created a long time ago.

Make journaling fun and exciting for everyone. Get your children involved. Even if they're a toddler! Start their own scrapbook journal for them and put their hand prints, foot prints and get them to draw something each month.

You are keeping memories alive by journaling. Also, your children will love to look at each and every journal when they are older and share with their children. So get started today and have fun mapping out all the wonderful times in your life.