There are so many adhesives for scrapbooking, that it can be hard to know which type to use. This is a basic guide to help you along the way. One thing to always remember is to use an acid-free adhesive so your projects will not yellow and crumble as the years go by.

Let's start with photos. One of the best solutions is a photo tab dispenser, which is a type of double-sided tape. Just apply a piece to each corner of your photo and stick it on the background. Another great option are photo corners. The photo corners adhere to your page, not to your photos. Then your photo is just tucked into the photo corners by the edges. This is the best no-mess option if you think you might want to remove the photo at a later time. There are many types from clear photo corners to fancy ones that will enhance your page design.

Glue dots and foam tapes are a great way to adhere small objects to your project. These adhesives are both double-sided, so they adhere to both the embellishment and your project. The best feature of these adhesives are that they raise your embellishments from the surface and make your pages "pop" with added dimension.

Double-stick tape is perfect for items that need an extra-strong bond. It works well for heavy embellishments, textured embellishments, or even tiny micro beads.

Tape runners can be a time-saving way of putting
tape exactly wher you want it. They come in permanent and repositionable adhesives for a variety of projects. You can apply the tape to the back of the object you want to affix, or apply tape to a surface and then stick items to the tape for even more control.

Vellum tape "disappears" when you affix vellum with it. It is the best for areas where there is no way you can hide another adhesive. It works the same way as any other tape.

Another great way to affix vellum is with a spray adhesive. Spray adhesive works great for see-through embellishments and items that need quick and even coverage, such as large papers and very small micro beads.

Glue sticks are an inexpensive, quick and easy adhesive for paper. It's not messy and is usually packaged in a swivel-up tube for easy dispensing. One complaint is that it can dry out with age and your objects will fall off, but it is a great general purpose adhesive.

Liquid glues are great for precise coverage in small areas. Most of them dry clear, so it doesn't matter if you mess up a little! Liquid glues can be a bit messy sometimes, but with practice, you will soon be a pro.

Metal glues are also a type of liquid glue. This kind of glue is a secure way to adhere metal embellishments, jewels, and other items that do not stick well with other adhesives.

I hope this guide to scrapbooking adhesives will be helpful to you as you start scrapbooking all your wonderful memories!