You have no doubt heard of digital scrapbooking, but you may not understand exactly what it is and how it is done. Digital scrapbooking is becoming the new form of scrapbooking for many different reasons. The number one reason is how easy it is to create a scrapbook with your online stored photos. There is no longer a need to print them out, develop your photos when you can simply upload them to your digital scrapbooking software and create the same great layout without the extra work and mess of cutting and pasting. Traditional scrapbookers are beginning to take advantage of this new technology and beginners like you can as well.

A digital scrapbook kit is basically the same scrapbook kit you would find at your local craft store but digital. You will purchase a set of templates which are your scrapbook paper and you will have access to your accessories and effects as well as the ability to upload your favourite photos to add to your scrapbook page. Many of the scrapbook websites and software today make it incredibly easy even for those who are not familiar with the computer. If you are not interested in completing your entire scrapbook online than you can use some of the features and create your own unique word art and other graphics that can be printed out and pasted on to your physical scrapbook.

The one
thing many people love about digital scrapbooking kits and the art in its entirety is that you can actually edit and enhance your favourite pictures. This does not mean to necessarily change them entirely but you can add quotes directly on the image, correct red eye and even zoom in for a closer shot of the special people in your life. If you are not editing the photo itself you have an endless amount of templates, backgrounds and effects to help you create a scrapbook layout that no one has ever seen before.

You can choose an elaborate background and use your picture as the foreground or you can make your picture the central eye piece of the layout and fade out the template behind the photo for a different and intriguing affect. Online you can find images that appear 3-D like buttons and ribbons as well as all the text and fonts you could ever dream of to choose from. Whether you decide to take these images and print them out for your own scrapbook at home or you choose to upload them to your digital scrapbook kit and use them completely virtually the choice is yours.

Make your scrapbook look like a professional completed it just by using the digital art effects at your disposal and using them in your own special and unique way. Digital scrapbook kits can be quite affordable depending on where you look and there are dozens of reliable scrapbook websites to search through before making your final decision.