Finding time to spend with your kids it tough, finding quality activities to keep their interest is even tougher. The older they get, the harder it is to find things to do that interest you both. By the time they are teenagers... it's more like the proverbial needle in a haystack.

The good news is that teen girls and even most boys take to digital scrapbooking like ducks to water. It involves computers and technology, something kids today are quite comfortable using. Moreover, mom and dad, we didn’t leave you out as scrapbooking literally means the telling of family stories and preserving them for generations to come.

This leads to all kinds of talks about life and the lessons you can learn from one another.

If you have more than one teenager, then this is also a great way to make sure that they each get their own special time alone with you. Our friends have found that scrapbook activities are also great for building a quality relationships with a step-child.

My favorite part was how easy it was to get them started. You don’t need any real amount of planning or scheduling. For our kids, all it took was to get out the boxes of old photo’s, the ones taking up half our storage space… then I just asked one or the other to help me sort a few photo’s by date and activities.

The next thing I knew, they were in charge of scanning them into the computer and fixing them up or cropping out the excess junk. Soon I had the whole family working on their own pages. You ask one or two questions about what was going on in the images and before you know it, your actually communicating with a teenager.

What a concept!

It’s amazing what you can learn from your kids when they are teaching you a new technique in photo editing or providing their ideas about scrapbook page design and layout.

This may have also worked for hand scrapping, but I know for a fact that it was the computer and technology that peaked my kids interest and gave them the opportunity to become the teacher instead of just the student. In that respect, it’s what really opened up the conversation and made the lead in to the thousands of other subjects we discussed while documenting our families lives.

Scrapbooking requires the telling of stories as an integral part of the process. It can’t be done without it. The fact that we began using the families computer as a part of process of digital or computer scrapbooking is what drew our teenagers into the story telling too.

Scrapbooking my high school years was the perfect story that lead to quite a few important conversations with our teens. What you’ll really like though is how comfortable it becomes talking about those subjects in the context of creating a scrapbook. You are just telling the story of your life, complete with pictures. Expressing what you learned and how you felt at that time is just a part of the story. It’s amazing how quickly your teenagers will start applying it to their lives and sharing what they are going through.

It just happens… no prodding or coaxing required!

So, if you are looking for the best way to get to know your kids and to spend days, not just hours enjoying their company, then break out the photo’s and boot up the computer. Your next digital scrapbook could just be the answer to a teenager’s parent’s prayer.