Digital scrapbooking can be addictive and very time consuming. Somehow, time just seems to slip away. So, I'm sharing a few of my time-saving tips to help you get the most out of your digital scrapbooking minutes.

1. Shopping tip. When you're shopping for scrapbooking embellishments, purchase a few kits at a time to save for a later date. We all have a certain style that we like, so pick some that fit your style and start a library of embellishments and papers. To get you started we have some freebies in our Free Download section, plus some from other shops.

2. Keep your photos and embellishments organized. I know, this doesn't sound like much fun, but it's well worth the thought put into it and the time invested. I've written an article on how to organize your photo, for more information I've provided the link below.

3. Focus. If you have little ones, obviously the best time to start digital scrapbooking is when they're napping or after bed. This will allow you to focus on your layout. Once you get started the creative juices will start flowing.

4. Invest in a timer. It's easy to lose track of time and the next thing you know it's midnight. Allot yourself a certain amount of time and a goal. When you're just starting out, you'll want a little extra time to allow for the learning curve. If you only have 30 minutes, don't force yourself to
complete a page. There's only so much time in the day and we have to work with the time we have. When your time runs, save the work you've done and then take a few notes of the ideas you have. Now, next time you scrapbook you can pick up right where you left off.

5. Baby steps, take one step at a time. I have very little time to work on my own layouts, so I've implemented steps to create a layout. Even though I don't finish a layout in one session I have goals. I know that by completing one step per session that I'll have a completed layout by the end of the week.

a. Edit your photos.

b. Create your layout & choose a background.

c. Find/Create embellishments for your page.

d. Title your page and add the journaling.

e. Print, have it printed, email or share it online.

6. Journaling. Once you have picked your photos you can start thinking about what you'd like to journal on your page. Keep a notebook in your purse and jot down notes on your lunch break, when you're waiting for the train to pass or right before you fall asleep. I always do my best thinking before I fall asleep. You can also be proactive and keep your notebook handy to jot down things that happen, as they happen. Then you don't have to go back and try to recall that memory. Now you have everything in your handy-dandy notebook when you need it.

I hope these tips help you save time and get the most out of your digital scrapbooking minutes.