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Scrapbooking Software - But Which One To Choose
Barbara Kirby
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By Barbara Kirby
Published on May 5, 2008

It can be a little daunting all the software packages you can use for digital scrapbooking. Here is a great list of important things to look for when deciding what software you will chose.

The ability to create a scrapbook has changed dramatically over the last few years. Gone are the days of a few words on the cover of the scrapbook and photographs with names and dates written next to them. Today, the scrapbook has come a long way and can almost be considered an art form. The ability to enhance the look of a scrapbook is limited only by the imagination of the creator. Add to this, the advent of the digital age and you have another world with endless possibilities.

There are countless numbers of scrapbook software programs available on the market today, online or off, that will help you create the perfect scrapbook. The difficulty will be in choosing which one to use – they all differ in some respect or another. I hope the following pointers will help as you make your decision.

1. Easy to use – it probably goes without saying that any software should be user-friendly, however, some are more so than others and you really won’t know until you try it. Do your homework and read all reviews you can find first.

2. Flexibility – you should expect not only to receive pre-designed templates that you can experiment with by changing colors for example, but also some flexibility built in whereby you will be able to create your own page layouts as well. Not all scrapbook software programs are this flexible – you should be aware of this, if this has importance for you. Another point to note is that software programs differ in the amount of pre-designed templates that you receive – anywhere from only twenty to thousands. Quite a difference!

3. Importing photos – whatever photos you wish to be included in your digital scrapbook will need to be imported into the software for editing. Therefore any scrapbook software program needs to be able to import photos using the criteria that you set for it, either digitally using photos taken with a digital camera or by using scanned images. Not all software programs have both options.

4. Photo editing tools – To achieve the effects you desire, your software should have photo editing tools that will allow you to crop images, reduce or get rid of any flaws within the photos, remove redeye completely and add image effects for scrapbook page enhancement.

5. Fonts, frames and clipart – All scrapbook software programs should come complete with different fonts, frames and clipart that you can use straight away as embellishments. You will find the amount of clipart and fonts you receive differs enormously from software program to program.

6. What can you do with the end result – questions to ask – does this software program create electronic albums, can the software convert my album into a CD format for instance, and does this software have the facility to send my scrapbook pages by email to Aunt Lucy in Kentucky?

Once you have decided on using scrapbook software programs, they certainly have a great advantage over their paper counterpart – they give you the ability to experiment quickly and freely and to change your mind perhaps and try another layout without wasting all the supplies you would have done otherwise