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Kids Scrapbooking

Kids Scrapbooking

Kids LOVE creating! If they are anything like my kids they will live to cut things up, paste, use stickers and most of all love looking at photo’s of themselves! Here you will find some great idea’s to start young ones on their way to creating and express themselves as little people do best, and who knows you just may very well let out in your child the next graphic designer, Interior decorator or the biggest scrapbook shop owner in Australia!

    Children Scrapbooking - Creative Kids

    Don't underestimate the creativeness of a four year old! Here you will read informative tips and idea's from the youngets child to the oldest.   

    Scrapbooking For Kids

    Here you will find some great tips and idea's from a mother of  four, who has found scrapbooking to not only be a fun project for herself and her kids, but found it rewarding to watch them excel their creativity.

    Tips to Get Your Kids Scrapbooking

    Tips on how to get kids scrapbooking.

    Making it Fun

    Arts are vital to providing a well-rounded education, here are some tips to introduce kids to scrapbooking.