Starting Scrapbooking

Scrapbooking is definitely the hip chick thing to do these days so I say stop reading about it, don’t worry if you don’t think you have a creative bone in your body, just do it. And if you’re not sure where to start and what you need, let us shine a little light on it for you!

    What is Scrapbooking?

    Some tips and explanations on how to get started in scrapbooking.

    Discovering Your Style

    How do you find your scrapbooking style?

    Getting Organised

    Being organized before you start a project certainly does help in getting it right and takes out the frustration of getting half way through something and finding you don’t have everything you need.

    What Do I Need to Start Scrapbooking?

    Some starting tips and materials for scrapbooking.

    What Do I Scrapbook About?

    Whatever you chose to scrap about make sure it is something you enjoy, and feel good about as the inspiration will flow a lot more easily for you.

    What Not to Do

    There are a few things that may come in handy when starting scrapbooking. Some may say that there is no such thing as what not to do’s, but we have come up with some that perhaps you might like to think about.

    Chosing a Scrapbook Theme

    When you begin scrapbooking, looking at thousands at photos can often lead you to put the photos away and not even consider getting them into scrapbooks. Choosing a theme can often help to alleviate this problem.

    Scrapbook Basics for the Beginner

    It can be a little overwhelming with the information and products available, but here we cover the basics for you.

    How to Start Scrapbooking

    If you have never tried scrapbooking before but have browsed through some scrapbook albums, the number one question you might be asking is, “How to start Scrapbooking”.